Aimee Hardesty – Director of Development


Aimee has never met a stranger, and the way she cares about others shows. Her dedication to our clients and business partners is that of none other. She believes in open communication and is honest to a fault. Don’t ask her what she thinks if you don’t want to know! She wants what is best for those all around her and is always willing to go the extra mile for them.

Aimee obtained a B.A.in Sociology from NC State University, because she loves learning about people. Aimee became passionate about serving people in the legal world in 2011 when she reentered the workforce after staying at home with her children for 6 yearsand beginning her 2nd career (1st in banking) at a small law firm. She instantly fell in love with her clients and became passionate about serving as many of them as she possibly could. This led to a full-time career in building the perfect client experience and helping to build a process that puts clients as the focus of the business. She believes that the purpose of our business is to help people and that every team member should go the extra mile to do so.

Aimee is a natural educator and believes in making sure families have all the information necessary to give them peace of mind. She enjoys speaking to groups about her work and how to receive that peace of mind through proper planning. She enjoys educating professionals on how to help their clients receive this peace of mind as well. Acting as a liaison between our clients and business partners, Aimee spends her days doing exactly what she loves to do – loving on our community.

When Aimee is not out in the community visiting our business partners or teaching clients about business and estate planning, she can be found outdoors (preferably on or by water) or traveling somewhere with her partner, Keith, her two kids, Nathan and Abbey, and 2 dogs, Murphy and Baxter. She is also committed to her local church and enjoys spending her time volunteering in various service projects.

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