Overwhelmed Executrix


Estate Admin Story- Overwhelmed Executrix

I was named as executor on my mother’s estate and I was the only surviving family member to do the job.  I was up to my eyeballs in paperwork and had no idea what to do and then I was ordered to file an annual account by the court to be due in 15 days!  I panicked.  I was overdue by 2 years and had just put this off until I had no choice but to address it.  I had been to the courthouse many times only to leave me frustrated and confused as to what they needed from me. I was turned away over and over again because I did not have what they needed from me.  At my wits-end I scheduled an emergency meeting with NC Planning.


Upon sitting down and going over everything with them, they knew exactly where I was with everything and were able to advise on what to provide to satisfy the clerk.  I filed the annual accounting on time without any further issues and NC Planning helped me to the remainder of the estate.  I was in the middle of an ugly 3 year divorce battle and preparing my 17 year old daughter for college and I was so grateful to be able to let NC Planning guide me through this process so I could focus on what was most important to me.  I don’t know what I would have done without them.

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