Helping a Deceased Firefighter’s Family


Estate Administration Story (from our perspective)- Helping a Deceased Firefighter’s Family

In 2014, we started assisting a client with an estate administration matter where the father of their two minor children unexpectedly passed away.  The father was employed as a firefighter and upon his passing, the children were given death benefits by the city and town.  Since they were minors, guardianships had to be opened with the Clerk of Courts, as well as an estate for the deceased.  The deceased at the time of his death was handling a parent’s estate in a different state where real property was located.  The mother of the minor children was the administrator of the deceased’s estate, and guardian of the minor’s guardianship estates.  As time went on and the process for both continued in both North Carolina and out of state for the parent’s estate, it was quite overwhelming and many matters arose, particularly in the out of state administration.  As there are many emotions with dealing with the loss of a loved one, it’s quite overwhelming when there are many moving pieces to an estate where a lot of factors are involved.  We wanted to take as much off our client’s plate and handle as we saw this was quite overwhelming with all the matters to be handled.  It took some time to resolve the estate matters, and once the children reached legal age, we took the time to sit down with them to discuss the benefits that were given to them on behalf of their father’s passing.  We wanted to make sure they knew how these benefits could be quite beneficial in their growing years and the importance of having these benefits available under certain restrictions for their future.


There were many challenging moments that our client experienced, and we as a team made sure she was comfortable in not only the way we assisted legally, but the importance of having planning in place as the unexpected could happen.  Having that voice in front of you to help with this emotional process and to make you feel comfortable how things need to be resolved, is important to our team for our clients.




Upon sitting down and going over everything with them, they knew exactly where I was with everything and were able to advise on what to provide to satisfy the clerk.  I filed the annual accounting on time without any further issues and NC Planning helped me to the remainder of the estate.  I was in the middle of an ugly 3 year divorce battle and preparing my 17 year old daughter for college and I was so grateful to be able to let NC Planning guide me through this process so I could focus on what was most important to me.  I don’t know what I would have done without them.

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