Confident Grandmother


Estate Planning with presentation Story- Confident Grandmother


I had been to an estate planning seminar where I was scared into believing that I need a revocable living trust to avoid probate and was pressured into signing up for the trust at the seminar to receive a discount.  After I left, I had buyer’s remorse and just did not feel like I had made the right choice.  After telling my neighbor about my experience, she suggested that I come see NC Planning speak about estate planning in our community next time they were there.  I was hesitant but she nudged me along and joined me.  I was instantly impressed by their knowledge and passion during the presentation.  There were no high-pressure sales and it was obvious that they cared about doing the right thing for clients.  I even learned that I could avoid probate with simple beneficiary designations!  I was handled with so much care when I went into their office and they took all the time I needed to understand my options and guide me in the right direction.  I was so relieved the day that I signed my will and had taken care of my grandbabies’’ future the right way.

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