Nervous Planner Relieved


Estate Planning- Nervous Planner Relieved


I first met Lauren Maxie when I was with my daughter and granddaughter at an evening lecture hosted by my financial advisor.  After we discussed the financial side of estate planning, he introduced Mrs. Lauren Maxie to talk to us about the legal side of estate planning and her law firm, NC Planning.


Lauren was as full of energy at 8:00pm as most people are after their first cup of coffee at 8:00am.  I could tell right away that Lauren loved her job.  She shared with us that NC Planning partners with financial advisors to provide a seamless process for me to create a financial plan and then share my plan with her.  Lauren and her team at NC Planning customized a unique estate plan that meet my needs.


I feel confident working with Lauren to ensure that after I am no longer here my family can continue to feel my love and support.  I may not be there to see my great grandchildren accomplish their dreams, but at least I can continue to contribute to their success long after I am gone.

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