Concerned About Adult Child


Estate Planning Story- Concerned About Adult Child


We were in the middle of a nightmare when we found out that our 23 year old son had substance abuse problems.  We had chosen him to take care of us and make decisions for us if we became disabled and to be the beneficiary of everything we had when we passed away.  Although we were embarrassed to share our family story, NC Planning set us at ease.  We knew we needed to take action and change our documentation right away.  They were able to get us in quickly and handled us with care.  They heard our concerns and genuinely cared to relieve our worries.  They were able to find a way that my son’s needs would be taken care of when we passed and set him up for success without the responsibility or the risk of losing his inheritance with the use of a trust.  Without NC Planning we would not be able to breathe this easy.

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