General FAQS


How much will NC Planning’s services cost?

There is no charge to contact our attorney with questions. Whether you do this online, by phone, or coming into the office. After you have chosen the service that fits your situation, there will either be a fixed fee applied or we can quote you if it is an hourly process.

Can NC Planning assist me with legal matters other than Estate Planning or Business Development?

Yes. Although NC Planning focuses on planning matters, we are a service of Adams, Howell, Sizemore and Lenfestey, P.A. If we can’t help you, our additional attorneys offer a wide arrangement of legal services and would be happy to offer assistance to you.

Does NC Planning offer legal services in states other than North Carolina?

NC Planning does not offer legal services in any state or jurisdiction other than North Carolina.

Do I need to come into the office in order to receive legal services?

No although we do enjoy meeting potential clients in person. NC Planning offers online legal services for convenience and to accommodate your schedule. A potential client can receive legal information, ask questions, and pay for any service they desire online.

What is NC Planning?

NC Planning is a service of Adams, Howell, Sizemore and Lenfestey, P.A. that focuses on planning for your future. We mainly concentrate on estate planning, business development, and tax representation. NC Planning also offers legal services in other areas.


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