“IDEAS” – Taking chances and letting your passion lead you


“IDEAS” – Taking chances and letting your passion lead you

I have a lot of ideas…I mean, a lot. Some of them are even good ones or at least I think they are. I have learned that the hard part is taking those ideas (especially the good ones) to implementation.

Why? Time and focus I think. When I have an idea I might jot it down or just put it in the ol’ memory notebook (many good ones have been lost here) and it stays fresh for putting into implementation for awhile. The first few days it is of great importance, then after a week or so it becomes something I need to really get to and see if there is any value in it. Then it fades until I think of the idea again and start the process over.

Now some of my ideas have been implemented and more will, but I am always amazed by people who take an idea and let their passion for that idea lead the efforts and focus it takes to create a final product.

Being an author is one of these things that amaze me, especially for those people I know who have a demanding career and life outside of writing which take priority. How do they find the time in the day?

A good friend of mine said it was about having the passion to push you to take that chance and then producing the efforts to give the idea a chance to succeed. Passion comes in all forms, but for those of us that can harness it, embrace it, and use it to our advantage in work and life we will at least see our ideas come to fruition. Whether they turn out to be good, that is a different story, but at least we will know.

For my friend, the author, check out his idea now in print for all to read and enjoy: www.stormofdeception.com.

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