Kayoua Lee-Difiore – Legal Assistant


From California to a small North Carolina rural town, Kayoua was often left as a child dreaming of the city life and what it would mean to make waves in the real world while tending to farm animals and a garden every morning before school. At the age of 17, she weened off to Appalachian State University and obtained degrees in Pre-Law and Criminal Justice. Her college career highlights include her contributions in drafting the constitution to the Appalachian State University Legal Chapter, Phi Alpha Delta, and she co-founded the Appalachian State University’s Mock Trial Team leading and prepping the team to their first competition held at UNC. In addition to these accomplishments, she served as a guest speaker in forums designed for underprivileged children and First Generation American high school and middle school students. In those lectures, she served as an advocate for higher education and helped to inform underprivileged and underserved communities on the resources available to them when pursuing higher education. Outside of lectures and forums, she was found volunteering in opportunities that would contribute to and allow her to advocate for land conservation, sustainable energy, equality and equity, and the arts.

In staying true to her persistent and independent nature, she moved across the state to pursue a career in legal services in 2012 to help ignite a long-time passion in legal practices and to obtain a better understanding of what it means to serve the community through the practice of law. It was during her journey as a legal assistant that she found herself committed to the practice of estate administration. The experience of being able to help families and friends of deceased loved ones out of a disheartening and overwhelming process became the motivation for why she stuck to the field of estate administration as a legal assistant. When she joined NC Planning in March of 2018, Kayoua brought with her over 2 years of experience as an estate administration legal assistant and a distinct desire for integral and effective service in the process. Since her employment, she has made some significant contributions to the team’s approach and structure in estate administration.

Outside of NC Planning Kayoua continues to devote her time to organizations geared towards helping underserved and underprivileged communities out of all facets of challenges to their livelihood. Further she can be found behind a screen, generating data and political analysis reports for grassroot campaigns. She is planning to make bigger waves in the world of non-profits and small businesses throughout the years to come. But, in the meantime, she can be found conforming to the rules of “Millennial-hood” by “Netflixing and chilling” (with her husband) and spending way too much time leisurely reading.

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