Business Acquisition & Sales


Providing peace of mind through planning

If you are considering the acquisition of another business or a potential sale to an outside purchaser or to key internal employees, then NC Planning can help you through each step of the process. We have the experience and advisory team approach to help work through the right process steps, perform key due diligence, assist in valuation and serve as your key counsel and advisor throughout a purchase or a sale to make sure the end result is as desired.

Our Complete Corporate Counsel team has the experience across industries and the ability to provide comprehensive acquisition, sale or succession legal services at pre-determined and fixed costs so you can know what to expect and calculate those into any transaction.

NC Planning’s Business Acquisition & Sales SERVICES INVOLVE:

  • Asset Purchases
  • Equity Sale or Purchases
  • Key Employee Equity Planning
  • Ownership Exit Strategies
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Valuation

To learn more about how NC Planning integrates the business acquisition and sales services into planning for your business CLICK HERE


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Why clients love us

True professionals! I use this firm for my business needs and as a small business owner it’s difficult to find a firm who understands your unique challenges. I so appreciate all they have done for me. I also use them for my personal estate planning and again, top notch! I highly recommend using this firm and let them help you!


-Amanda Haygood,
State Farm Insurance Agent

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