Protecting or Planning for Minor Children


Providing peace of mind through planning

One of the top reasons parents come to us is because they want to make sure they have a plan in place for their minor children if anything were to ever happen to them. Taking the right steps to not only choose who will care for your children in the event of your death but also providing guidance for those who will step into your shoes and raise the children is crucial for parents with minor children.

NC Planning works closely with parents and grandparents for basic and comprehensive planning to ensure peace of mind.  We custom tailor each plan specific to each family’s needs and continue a proactive and ongoing relationship to keep the plan up to date as your family changes.

If you are looking to protect and plan for your minor children then contact NC Planning today to work with us and our strategic advisors.


  • Health Care Consent for Minors to designate individuals to make health care decisions and communicate with doctors on behalf of your children if you are not available or able
  • Last Will & Testament to designate initials as guardians and trustees for minor children
  • Testamentary Trusts for guidance and protection of minor or young adult children
  • Grandchildren Trusts
  • Education & Living Expenses Support Trusts


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Why clients love us

True professionals! I use this firm for my business needs and as a small business owner it’s difficult to find a firm who understands your unique challenges. I so appreciate all they have done for me. I also use them for my personal estate planning and again, top notch! I highly recommend using this firm and let them help you!


-Amanda Haygood,
State Farm Insurance Agent

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