Play It Safe!

Keeping Your Estate Planning Documents in a Safe v. Security Deposit Box

Many people assume that a security deposit box is the best place to keep their estate planning documents, but this may not always be a great idea.  One of the drawbacks of a security deposit box is that it is not always accessible.  If a document is needed at night or on a weekend, it will not be accessible until the next business day, which at that point, may be too late or not exactly ideal for your situation.  Additionally, authority is needed to access a security deposit box, which may or may not have been given to the right person at the right time.

These reasons are why NC Planning advises clients to place documents in a fireproof safe.  It is easily accessible at any time of day, and no authority is needed to open it.   It would be ideal to keep your documents in a small document safe which can be purchased at Lowe’s or Costco for a very reasonable price.  We also advise clients to communicate to their family members where this safe is located, in the event they need to access it.