Ever see that movie, 300, about the Greecian Spartans stand against the Persians? Well, the Spartan Race (www.spartanrace.com) I recently trained for and completed (insert congratulatory comments here) may not have been that extreme,…but it was close. 13 plus mile, 30 plus obstacles through woods, rivers, under barbed wire, in the mud, uphill all the way (it felt like it) in an easy time of just under 5 hours. It was an event for sure and a personal goal and accomplishment.

The thing about the race is when I sat back with my friend and brother to consider signing up for it months beforehand I really never thought it would really happen. At that point 2-3 miles of running was a challenge without any of the additional challenges. However, planning and staying the course on that plan (or mostly on course) is a tremendous thing that truly helps accomplish our goals.

Planning is not always perfect, but I can tell you without planning my training and having those resources around me (like a loving wife who let me run through the woods for a few hours a week) I could not have accomplished my goal. Legal planning is really no different. It can’t predict all the challenges you will face, but it keeps you on task and puts the resources in place if you need them for whichever challenge your race in life may put in front of you or your business.

Think about starting everyday without a plan of action and all those unforeseen obstacles you would face. Now, consider a day where you knew what was coming and you even knew that those unknowns that you didn’t predict happening that day were going to be okay because of your plan and your readiness. Which feels better?