It’s the question that’s often dreaded, but we would be lying if we said it’s one we hope to never hear. In fact, it’s one we always encourage everyone to ask. The only thing to bear in mind when asking this question is that probate/estate administration is not a cheap process, for the simple fact that it is a process, so the answer will almost always be unpleasant to hear.

Attorney Billing Structures

Regardless of how you ask the question, the answers should always be transparent even if it doesn’t align with what you’re seeking. With that being said, you’ll also find that no one attorney will bill the same for their service and that’s because there’s no set rule for how each attorney can bill for their service. Some billing structures are as follows:

  • Hourly
  • Percentage of the estate value
  • Fixed fee

At NC Planning, we’ve seen legal costs come to $5,000.00 at minimum when billing hourly for legal services.

Why can’t the vehicle pass to the other owner listed on the title? 07-26-2019

There are many assets that can be listed as jointly owned, but to have it transfer upon death of one owner are the magic words, “with rights of survivorship.”  Without these words, an asset is simply just jointly owned, meaning you only own half of the asset. So, upon one of the owner’s passing, their half will not and cannot transfer to the other owner. Thus, the terms “with rights of survivorship” will free you of having to file for the proper forms with the clerk’s office to gain full ownership of the vehicle.