The number of Americans aged 65 and above is steadily rising. Due to technological and medical advancements, many Americans live well into their 80s and beyond. This has created a need for programs to provide a successful aging plan.

Senior citizens face a unique set of challenges. These could include housing, medical, estate planning, financial health, etc. A Raleigh estate planning attorney specializing in addressing the host of problems senior citizens face can be a wise investment for you.

How Can an Elder Law Attorney Assist Me?

An elder law attorney is a lawyer who specializes in offering legal services to disabled and elderly individuals. These services ensure that the seniors get the healthcare they wish, their finances are straightened, and their estate is well administered.

Working with an elder law attorney will, of course, benefit the senior, but these benefits also extend to their respective families.

Medicare and Medicaid Planning

Medicaid and Medicare are complex. You will need a professional who can help you through the process of obtaining these benefits if you are an adult, disabled or blind. A Raleigh elder law attorney can offer one-on-one help to get this coverage.

Your elder planning lawyer in Raleigh will help you understand any restrictions and limits. Once they are known, you can avoid them so that care can begin immediately. In other instances, where a nursing home refers a family to a non-lawyer for help with Medicaid, it’s best to talk to your own lawyer to avoid conflict of interests with the nursing home. You will achieve your legal and medical goals with the experience and knowledge of an elder law attorney.

Helping You Understand Long Term Care Options

It’s always advisable to start making key decisions way before age-related health complications arise. One of the things to think about is long-term medical care planning. It is a complicated topic with substantial costs. Disregarding this issue is a big gamble to your family’s financial future.

A Raleigh elder planning attorney will help you understand policy premiums and how to go through Medicaid and estate planning in a way that will qualify the older citizen for the best long-term care financial arrangements.

Establishment of Medical Power of Attorney

Legal entanglements can sometimes limit you even when you want to offer the best terms of care for your loved one. An elder law attorney in North Carolina can help you establish medical power of attorney so that you can start providing a loved one with the care they deserve without facing legal complications.

Assistance in Caring for Assets and Estates

Elder planning lawyers provide estate planning options such as creating wills and trusts. If you or an older loved one hasn’t created a Last Will and Testament, it’s best to do so now. While assets such as houses and finances typically go to family members, they can fall into the wrong hands if not legally managed.

Your Raleigh elder planning lawyer can assist you in estate planning while making sure you meet Medicaid requirements. Your lawyer’s job is to avoid this matter from becoming a major headache to you but ensure it is seamless.

Establishment of Guardianships

When a senior isn’t capable of making informed and responsible decisions concerning their health, finances, or living, an elder law attorney can help in establishing guardianship. This is often the last resort where the senior doesn’t have the proper legal documents to avoid guardianship.

Coordination for Financial, Health and Legal Decisions

From the discussion so far, we can say an elder law offers overarching coordination for legal, financial, and heal care decisions older citizens face. There’s always a need for legal compliance before seniors, or their families can start paying for any long-term care. Again, there’s a need to plan well in advance to avoid running out of money to care for the senior.

An elder law attorney ensures all these matters are taken care of well in advance. Sometimes these lawyers work with other specialists in creating a successful aging plan.

Government Programs and Social Security

Social security benefits often change depending on the age range one chooses to receive these benefits. A Raleigh elder planning lawyer can help you determine the best age range to obtain your social security benefits depending on your health, condition and finances.

Similarly, there are other benefits on the federal and state level, such as Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C, Medicare Part D, and Veteran’s Administration benefits. Because of the complexity of these programs, you need a lawyer to assist you.

What Other Capabilities Does an Elder Law Attorney Have?

There are other major issues that fall under elder law. Issues like elder abuse, disabled elders, employment discrimination, retirement and employment matters, rights of residents in long term care facilities, elder fraud, or even grandparent visitation rights are all under elder law planning attorney’s scope.

How Do I Pick the Right Elder Law Attorney?

When choosing the right Raleigh elder law attorney, consider asking questions like:

  • How long has the lawyer specialized in elder law?
  • Does the lawyer have a particular specialty like veteran’s benefits, probate expertise, estate planning, or Medicaid?
  • Is the lawyer dedicated to elder law and understands the latest rules?

Getting the right attorney will make a significant difference in providing a successful aging plan. Start the process early before the need arises.

Quality Legal Assistance from Planning Professionals in Raleigh

We cannot predict what will happen as we age. But what we can do is to ensure we have covered our bases. And there’s no better way to do it than seeking specialized legal assistance from professionals. This will ensure the seniors get invaluable peace of mind and prepare the family for the roles and responsibilities they must take before they come.

Gain insight and legal support today with the help of experienced elder care attorneys in Raleigh, NC. We’ve specialized in planning for the future of Americans and we can use our expertise to help you too. Get in touch today and get the information to make sound legal decisions for you and your family.