When To Bring An Associate On Board

Clinical Overload Review Checklist

If you “check” YES to 8 or more of the following questions, you should consider hiring an associate.

  1. ☐ Are you consistently reaching your monthly production goals and year-end goals?
  1. ☐ Is it difficult to schedule appointments within a reasonable amount of time?
  1. ☐ Is the schedule booked solid 6-8 weeks out?
  1. ☐ Are you averaging 15-20 or more new patients a month?
  1. ☐ Are referral sources annoyed because patients cannot get a timely appointment?
  1. ☐ Is the time you allocate to each appointment getting shorter?
  1. ☐ Do you campaign to reactivate inactive patients with unscheduled treatment plans?
  1. ☐ Are you consistently behind schedule?
  1. ☐ Are patient complaints on the rise?
  1. ☐ Does the staff constantly seem overworked, irritated or stressed?
  1. ☐ Does the staff make mistakes because they are too busy to pay the necessary attention to detail?
  1. ☐ Is production stagnant? (The primary dentist should be seeing at least 1,500 active patients over 12-18 months and annually grossing income of $750,000 for doctor and $250,000 for hygiene)
  1. ☐ Is the practice’s overhead expense ratio on the rise? (Overhead should be 55-60% for a healthy practice to take on more staff expenses)
  1. ☐ Can a new associate perform dentistry skill you currently refer out in order to maintain revenue in the practice?

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